What is mediation?

Do you have in your professional or private environment a conflict that cannot be resolved without outside help? However, you don't want to take it to court, because you don't want to wage the conflict in public or you are afraid of the length of the process, the associated costs or the uncertain outcome?

Are you rather interested to resolve the conflict in a confidential environment quickly, cost-effectively and lasting?

Mediation for conflict resolution

Mediation is a non-judicial procedure for resolving a conflict and is suitable for all kind of and is suitable for all clients. The participation of the parties is voluntary. During the process a certain structure is followed under the guidance of a trained mediator. Each conflicting party gets the chance to represent his own position and his own interests in a protected confidential environment.

Your advantage: The mediator is neutral

Unlike the judge or arbitrator the mediator doesn't decide the conflict. Rather the conflicting parties develop and negotiate with the help of the mediator among themselves various possible solutions, until at the end an amicable and for both sides fair solution has been found.

Types, process and costs of mediation

For further information please consult our website. If you have any questions, need some advice or want to hire one or more of our as mediators and auditors approved partners for a mediation, they will be happy to help you.

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