Company valuation

Company valuations as a classical task for auditors

At PNHR the tasks of current company valuations is a high priority. Company valuations are a classical task for auditors. The auditor giving an expert opinion for a company valuation has to meet high requirements.

The complexity of the various recognized business valuation methods means for the auditors to pay attention to each evaluation question ensuring a high degree of intelligibility and plausibility for the client or addressee.

There are many reasons for company valuations:

  • Basis for sales prices of companies
  • Basis for purchase prices of companies
  • Basis of financing decisions
  • Indicator of corporate goals
  • Basis of disputes
  • Basis for agreement when dealing with different values
  • Basis of tax consequences when executing company transformations
  • Proof in inheritance tax relevant cases
  • Expert expertise in legal proceedings

Evaluation scheme for small businesses

In small and medium-sized enterprises exists a high need for plausible company valuations, without wanting or needing an expensive, professional expert opinion of the company valuation. PNHR has developed for such cases in accordance with classical evaluation procedures an indicative evaluation scheme, which finds sufficient acceptance by clients as well as addressees. This assessment is often the basis for further considerations.

Unsere Leistungen im Bereich Wirtschaftsprüfung

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  • Company acquisition/disposal
  • Attestation engagements
  • Audits according to the German Real Estate Agent and Commercial Construction Industry Ordinance (MaBV)
  • Other services

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